Price List

Are funerals expensive? Compared to other major life events they are not. Weddings can cost ten times as much, but because they are happy events, people rarely quibble about the cost. Running a funeral home is a 24 hour, 365 days a year business. Even when we are quiet, we have to be here, ready for the next call. This is labour intensive, and the cost of our premises, facilities, Chapels of Rest, refrigeration and the operation of our very specialist high-quality Jaguar/ Mercedes vehicles must also be considered.

Although we supply things such as caskets and coffins, we also pass on third party costs; Crematorium and cemetery fees, Doctor’s, Minister’s and celebrant fees. In addition to these, many families will also want obituary notices, flowers and a reception for family and friends after the service has taken place. We can and will assist you with all of these things.

Please tell us if you want or need to minimise the cost of the funeral – we can help do this and advise on social security payments - which in some cases can be claimed to help towards the costs. We need an open and honest discussion about the funeral; there is no need to feel embarrassed. We are here to help and our advice costs nothing.


...Thank you for all the care and kindness shown to our family…It was a difficult and sad time, but we were able to leave everything in your capable hands with confidence…It was a perfect, final farewell.

Mrs L, Hook