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What To Do

When the death occurs, in the first instance we suggest that you telephone Holmes & Family. If the person has passed away at home, you will need to call the doctor. If it occurs in a care home, they will do this for you. Please keep us updated on the doctors’ progress; we cannot attend until he/she has been. Immediately after the doctor has attended, we will come and transfer the deceased into our care. It is possible, at night or weekends, that your own doctor may be unavailable, and an out-of-hours doctor service will be used. We can explain what will then follow when you call us.

If the person dies in hospital or at the Hospice, we won’t always need to attend immediately; however, you can call us to let us know what has happened, and if you wish, make an appointment, either at our office or at your home. At this point we can also answer any questions you may have, one of the Holmes family is available, 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

In most areas, if a sudden or unexpected death occurs, the coroner has a contract firm of undertakers who will remove the deceased to the nearest public mortuary. The contractor is not usually paid for this transfer, nor are they allowed to pressure you into using their services for the actual funeral arrangements, you can still choose and trust Holmes & Family.



Oliver, Toby and Sarah; I just wanted to say, on behalf of myself and my brother, a huge thank you for looking after my Father and family so well. It made a very difficult occasion easier to manage.

Mrs W. Gaen & Mr K. Adams.