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Pre-Need Funeral Plans

None of us enjoy thinking about a time when we won’t be around, but neither do we want to leave our families a burden of cost and organisation at a time when they will need peace to grieve. A surprising number of our clients pre-arrange their own funeral. We carefully record their instructions and wishes: Burial or cremation? Music, flowers and choice of church, cemetery or crematorium.

• You can organise every detail of your funeral to the specification you desire.
• Relieve your family of worry and uncertainty.
• Avoid additional expenses by paying in advance.

Pre-paid funeral plans are provided by Golden Charter. No matter how far into the future, on the terms agreed today, they will ensure that your arrangements are fully protected against any changes to the company or to general financial circumstances.


Choosing to pre-pay can save you a considerable sum. Many of the charges can be fixed at today’s price and can offer great value for money. The money paid to Golden Charter is placed in a secure trust fund for investment and offers financial security, regulated by the FSA. Should you move, another funeral director can be nominated at your new home. To find out more, please call us and we will send you the latest Golden Charter brochure.