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Holmes & Family Funeral Directors Ashford

David Holmes lived in Oakfield Rd Ashford and in March 1992, opened his first funeral home at 3, Church Road.  The family funeral business, then trading as Holmes & Sons were based in Hounslow, but brother Andrew Holmes decided he wanted to work alone, so another name was required for the new Ashford funeral home.  David had two daughters, Madeleine and Anouska, and at the girl’s suggestion, Holmes and Daughters was chosen as the trading name for the family’s new venture.  Sadly aged just 35, Andrew Holmes died in 1998, and in 2001, the family decided to sell up to the Ford-Mears funeral company.  It is this firm that now runs the old Holmes and Daughters business.

Opening of Holmes & Family, Ashford 2021

In more recent years, now joined by his sons, David Holmes opened the new business, this time using the Holmes and Family title.  Oliver Holmes, who was living in Ashford, is now in day-to-day charge and is assisted by his Dad, David alongside other family members, including his sister, Madeleine. As a local family, with strong connections to the local area, the Holmes family always takes great pride in offering a very personal service to their clients.  Their high standards and attention to detail have made the Holmes family the first choice funeral director in Ashford, Staines, Laleham, Stanwell, Wraysbury, and surrounding towns.

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The Consideration, Compassion, and help given to us by every member of their staff was so very good. Our main point of contact was Graham. Nothing was too much trouble for him to help us plan my husband’s funeral.

Anne Bassett, Ashford