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Alex, from Church Crookham, is our youngest team member. Smart, and enthusiastic, he’s keen to learn and progress in his career. Joining us from Waitrose, on several occasions since, former customers have recognised him, even writing to say how they were not surprised that he came to work with us, as he was always such an exceptional and thoughtful member of the Waitrose team.

NAFD Tutor John Adams on Alex Hare of Holmes Funeral Directors:

“In preparation for Alex’s exams in September, we carry out mock exams to ensure students are making positive progress by assessing their current level. During the first oral exam for Alex, it was clearly highlighted, the high level Holmes Funeral Directors are working at. Alex had exceptional knowledge of procedures within his local area, gave clear written costings for all services provided, this including all third party fees, throughout showing a professional and enthusiastic approach, but above all else, I could see Alex has the passion to help, not just by completing questions on form, but actually learning and having a genuine interest in the person who had passed away. It is great to see Funeral Directors such as Holmes Funeral Directors providing such a high level to their community”.